Well, I am sad and happy to report that all of the puppies have now left for their new homes.  I am sad because we are going to miss them.  This has been such a great litter to live with.  They are sweet, gentle, and easy to train.  It has been so much fun to work with them–all 11 of them.  We are very happy, though, because they have all gone to wonderful families who will give them lots of love for many, many years.  We are thankful for the new friends we have made through this process, and we look forward to lots of updates and pictures.

Of course not all of them are gone.  Please check back now and then for updates from us on the puppies that are going to live here.  We will start with introducing you to “Brill”, formally known as Bela’s Brilliant Plan.  Some of you may already have seen her since she was one of the dogs featured in our 4 generation picture.  Here is Brill (being held by Leslie) while great grandma Lisa, dad Hudson, and grandpa Presto stand in front of them.

I am also including a couple other pictures of Brill that were taken when she was about 7 weeks old.