The majority of people who come to us looking to add a pet to their family are seeking a puppy.  It is quite understandable, as puppies are adorable and there is just something wonderful about a puppy!  However, behind the “puppy breath” and cuteness is a lot of work.  At BELA Spinoni & Setters, we take great joy (and pride) in raising happy, healthy puppies.  We invest countless hours in their little lives–caring for them, socializing them, and training them—helping set them on the right course.  The reality is, though, the caring, socializing, and training must continue after they leave our home.  Puppies need to be socialized through adulthood in order to ensure that they can be comfortable in a variety of situations.  In addition, puppies need to be house-trained.  Although most of our puppies leave our home with a great deal of house training, there is sometimes an adjustment period when they go to a new home (and there is usually some teenage limit testing).  Just like training a child, house training a puppy often requires a lot of time, patience, and discipline.

Adult dogs, likewise, may require some training when they transition to a new home.  Although we work with each of our dogs to prepare them for their new homes, it can be a big adjustment for some.  With patience and gentle discipline, however, most dogs adapt well to their new environment and bond with their new family.

Then there is the issue of money.  Typically, puppies are more expensive than are adult dogs, both in purchase price and associated costs.  Puppies require multiple different collars, kennels, beds, toys, and bowls as they transition into adulthood.  Depending on the set up of the home, baby gates, ramps, and other equipment may be required to ensure the safety of the puppy.  Usually puppies require more veterinary care than adult dogs do because, as with people, they need more vaccines when they are young than when they are adults.

These are just some of the differences between puppies and adults, and we definitely encourage you to consider the options available.  Adding a pet to your home is not a decision that should be taken lightly, and we encourage you to do your research no matter where you acquire your next pet.  Please do not choose a pet based only on how it looks.  Instead, research and consider the typical behavior of its breed, the health issues associated with that breed, and consider how that individual pet fits with your lifestyle.

If you are interested in adding a Spinone Italiano or an English Setter to your family, please contact us for more information.